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Firdous Physiology Fullgolkes

Firdous Physiology Fullgolkes: A Review of a Popular Medical Book

Physiology is the branch of biology that studies the functions and mechanisms of living organisms. It is a vital subject for medical students, as it helps them understand the normal and abnormal processes of the human body. However, physiology can also be a challenging and complex topic, requiring a lot of memorization and comprehension.

Firdous physiology Fullgolkes


That is why many medical students look for books that can help them review physiology in a concise and effective way. One of the most popular books for this purpose is Firdous Physiology Fullgolkes, also known as Firdous Review of Physiology. This book is written by Dr. Firdous Ahmad, a renowned physiologist and professor at the University of Kashmir, India.

What is Firdous Physiology Fullgolkes?

Firdous Physiology Fullgolkes is a book that provides a quick and comprehensive review of medical physiology. It covers all the major topics and systems of physiology, such as blood, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, endocrine, nervous, gastrointestinal, reproductive, and more. It also includes important concepts and principles of physiology, such as homeostasis, feedback mechanisms, membrane potentials, action potentials, etc.

The book is designed to help medical students prepare for their exams and viva questions. It contains multiple choice questions (MCQs), short answer questions (SAQs), long answer questions (LAQs), and diagrams for each chapter. The book also provides detailed explanations and references for the answers, as well as key points and tables for revision.

What are the features of Firdous Physiology Fullgolkes?

Some of the features that make Firdous Physiology Fullgolkes a useful and popular book for medical students are:

  • It is concise and easy to read. The book uses simple language and clear illustrations to explain the concepts and facts of physiology. It avoids unnecessary details and focuses on the essential information that students need to know.

  • It is comprehensive and updated. The book covers all the topics and systems of physiology that are relevant for medical students. It also reflects the latest research and developments in the field of physiology.

  • It is exam-oriented and practical. The book provides ample practice questions and answers for each chapter. It also helps students to apply their knowledge to clinical scenarios and problem-solving situations.

  • It is affordable and accessible. The book is available in both print and digital formats. It can be ordered online from various websites or downloaded as a PDF file. It has a reasonable price compared to other books on physiology.


Firdous Physiology Fullgolkes is a book that offers a quick and comprehensive review of medical physiology. It is suitable for medical students who want to revise their physiology knowledge before their exams or viva questions. It is also helpful for anyone who wants to learn more about the functions and mechanisms of the human body.


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