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Electronic Communication Techniques By Paul H Young Zip

Electronic Communication Techniques by Paul H Young

Electronic communication techniques is a book written by Paul H Young, a professional engineer and a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Illinois. The book was first published in 1985 and covers various topics related to telecommunication systems, such as radio frequency amplifiers, oscillators, signal spectra, noise, modulation, transmitter and receiver circuits, sideband systems, frequency and phase modulation, phase-locked loops, pulse and digital modulation, data communication techniques, transmission lines and waveguides, antennas and radiowave propagation, basic television, digital radio and space communications, and fiber-optic communication .

The book is intended to bridge the gap between circuit design and the system concepts that predetermine circuit requirements in particular applications. The results of theoretical research are combined with engineering principles, design equations, charts, and tables for those who will design and produce hardware and software. The mathematics level is typical of that used by engineering practitioners, with calculus rarely employed and transform techniques avoided.


The book is available for free download in various formats from the Internet Archive . A zip file containing the PDF and EPUB versions of the book can be downloaded from [this link]. The zip file has a size of 38.9 MB and contains 688 pages. The book can also be read online or borrowed from the Internet Archive library . Alternatively, the book can be accessed from the Open Library website, where it can be borrowed or searched for in nearby libraries.

Electronic communication techniques is a comprehensive and informative book that covers a wide range of topics related to telecommunication systems. It is suitable for students, engineers, and hobbyists who are interested in learning more about the theory and practice of electronic communication.


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