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Loopmasters The Sound Of London Acid Techno 23

Loopmasters The Sound Of London Acid Techno 23: The Best Sample Pack for Acid Lovers

If you are a fan of the raw and gritty sound of acid techno, you might have heard of Chris Liberator and Sterling Moss, the leading pioneers in this genre. They have released tracks on all the labels in the Stay Up Forever Collective, the home of London acid techno, and have created a massive body of work that is truly the driving force of this style. Now, you can get access to their exclusive sounds with Loopmasters The Sound Of London Acid Techno 23, a massive 24-bit sample pack from the lords of acid techno.

This Industrial Strength artist pack contains over 1000 files to make this the most comprehensive and usable acid techno pack on the market. The pack can also be abused and fused in any electronic music production. It features:

Download File:

  • 270 brain rattling 909 kick, snare, hats, rim, tom, ride, crash, clap and full loops

  • 211 acid sizzling loops

  • 60 rolling synth and throbbing 303 bass loops

  • 130 full, top and kick drum loops

  • Native Instruments Machine kits, Battery 3 and Kontakt 3 multi kits

The highlight of this pack is the incredible acid techno loops direct from Chris Liberator's souped up Roland 303. This legendary 303 has gone to more parties and has been on more acid records than any other 303 known to man! Each loop is tempo marked and keyed to make each loop as user friendly as possible. The loops are in REX.2, Apple Loops, and Acid Wav formats to cover any DAW. The pack is also available as a Reason Refill.

We have no doubt that this Industrial Strength sample pack will give you all the means to create the true sound of London acid techno with the most authentic loops, effects, beats and noises from the leaders of the London acid movement. You can get this pack from Loopmasters or Splice and start making some acid mayhem today!


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