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مجموعة الطب

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Dan Shapiro
Dan Shapiro

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You are right Hemant, government is very busy in running their own scams and defending the culprits sitting in their own backyard. If this (speak asia) scam is not stopped in time, I am sure, it would definately give government a tight competition ?

Speak Asia Online Login

Hi..Speak asia online exposed in a press conference with STAR NEWS.. No answers with them for the straight questions asked by journalists.. One of the former IT commissioner was going to file a complaint with CBI by today evening..

I had invested in speak asia around 70000 and till date i get 16000 but now in this crucial situation of company fraud how long it will run, means if company don`t prove itself how long this matter will run or company will be banned by legal authorities. I think u understand wht exactly i want to said

well, earlier they said star news was biased against CNN ibn also reports the news in a negative light.You have to hand it to speakasia though.. they launched an appeal against the SC .. .of INDIA.the accouts are blocked by Singapore. They should have launched the appeal against singapore.Indian govt. (corporate affairs) has already stated that it cannot take any action against this company, as it is not registered here.cheers, regards, and be safe.Be an avid reader and followers of such sites (TFLGUIDE.COM) that teach you against financial frauds. 350c69d7ab


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