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Discover the Hidden Messages in Your Dreams with Kanavugalum Athan Palangalum in Tamil PDF 19

Kanavugalum Athan Palangalum: A Guide to Dream Analysis in Tamil PDF 19

Dreams are mysterious and fascinating phenomena that can reveal a lot about our subconscious mind, our emotions, our desires, and our future. Dreams can also be influenced by our culture, our beliefs, and our spirituality. In this article, we will explore the meaning and significance of some common dreams that are related to the Tamil culture and religion, based on the book Kanavugalum Athan Palangalum (Dreams and Their Meanings) by Dr. S. Ramachandran.

kanavugalum athan palangalum tamil pdf 19

What is Kanavugalum Athan Palangalum?

Kanavugalum Athan Palangalum is a book that was published in 2019 by Dr. S. Ramachandran, a renowned psychologist and dream researcher. The book is based on his extensive study of thousands of dreams that he collected from his patients, clients, and friends over the years. The book provides a comprehensive and scientific analysis of various types of dreams, such as lucid dreams, prophetic dreams, recurring dreams, nightmares, etc. The book also explains how to interpret dreams according to the Tamil culture and religion, which has a rich and ancient tradition of dream symbolism and divination.

Why is Kanavugalum Athan Palangalum important?

Kanavugalum Athan Palangalum is important because it helps us to understand ourselves better and to improve our lives. By analyzing our dreams, we can gain insight into our subconscious mind, which often holds the key to our problems, fears, hopes, and aspirations. We can also discover hidden messages and guidance from our higher self, our ancestors, or our deities. Dreams can also warn us of impending dangers or opportunities, or reveal our past lives or future events. By learning how to decode our dreams, we can harness their power and use them as tools for personal growth and spiritual development.

How to use Kanavugalum Athan Palangalum?

To use Kanavugalum Athan Palangalum effectively, we need to follow some simple steps:

  • First, we need to record our dreams as soon as we wake up, before we forget them. We can use a notebook, a voice recorder, or a smartphone app to jot down the details of our dreams.

  • Second, we need to identify the main symbols, characters, events, emotions, and themes of our dreams. We can use a dictionary or an online resource to look up the meanings of these elements.

  • Third, we need to compare the meanings of these elements with our personal situation and context. We need to consider how they relate to our waking life, our current issues, our goals, or our questions.

  • Fourth, we need to draw conclusions and take actions based on our dream interpretation. We need to ask ourselves what the dream is trying to tell us or teach us. We need to apply the lessons or advice that we get from the dream to improve our situation or resolve our problems.

By following these steps regularly, we can make the most of Kanavugalum Athan Palangalum and benefit from its wisdom and guidance.

Some examples of Kanavugalum Athan Palangalum

To illustrate how Kanavugalum Athan Palangalum works, let us look at some examples of common dreams that are related to the Tamil culture and religion, and their meanings.

Dreaming of temples

Temples are sacred places where we worship our gods and goddesses, and seek their blessings and protection. Dreaming of temples can have different meanings depending on the details of the dream.

  • If you dream of hearing the temple bell ringing in your ears, it means that your troubles and problems will soon end. You will have an increase in income, a good job, a marriage opportunity, a child blessing, or other opportunities for progress in life. You will also rise above your challenges and difficulties with the help of God.

  • If you dream of visiting a temple and seeing God in a beautiful and adorned form, it means that you are very lucky and blessed. You will have fortune and success in whatever you do. You may also receive money rain or other gifts from God. You are one of the chosen ones by God.

  • If you dream of seeing a ruined or abandoned temple, or a temple without God or the main idol, it means that you should avoid such a dream. It indicates that you may face some loss or hardship in life, or some danger or misfortune. You should pray to your family deity or visit a temple to ward off the evil effects of this dream.

Dreaming of snakes

Snakes are mysterious and powerful creatures that can symbolize both good and evil in dreams. Dreaming of snakes can have different meanings depending on the details of the dream.

  • If you dream of seeing a snake coiled around a Shiva lingam, it means that you are very spiritual and devoted to God. You will have divine grace and protection from all evils. You will also have wisdom and knowledge in spiritual matters. You are close to God and His power.

  • If you dream of seeing a snake biting you or someone else, it means that you may face some health problems or enemies in life. You should be careful of your health and your surroundings. You should also avoid any conflicts or arguments with others. You should pray to God for healing and peace.

  • If you dream of seeing a snake shedding its skin, it means that you will have a transformation or a change in life. You will get rid of your old habits, problems, or situations, and start anew. You will have a fresh and positive outlook on life. You will also have growth and progress in your endeavors.

Dreaming of flowers

Flowers are beautiful and fragrant gifts from nature that can symbolize love, happiness, beauty, and purity in dreams. Dreaming of flowers can have different meanings depending on the details of the dream.

  • If you dream of seeing flowers blooming in a garden or a field, it means that you will have joy and prosperity in life. You will have good relationships with your family and friends, and harmony in your home. You will also have success and recognition in your work or studies. You will enjoy life to the fullest.

  • If you dream of seeing flowers falling from the sky or from a tree, it means that you will receive blessings and favors from God or someone else. You will have good luck and fortune in whatever you do. You may also receive some unexpected news or gifts that will make you happy. You will be grateful for everything.

  • If you dream of seeing flowers withering or dying, it means that you may face some sadness or disappointment in life. You may lose something or someone that is dear to you, or fail to achieve something that you desire. You may also feel depressed or lonely. You should try to overcome your negative emotions and look for the positive aspects of life.



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