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Athu Ithu Yethu Comedy Videos 35

Athu Ithu Yethu Comedy Videos 35: Watch the Hilarious Episode Online

Athu Ithu Yethu is a popular Tamil comedy show hosted by Ma Ka Pa Anand on Vijay TV. The show features three rounds of fun and laughter with celebrity guests and comedians. The third round, Siricha Pochi, is the most loved segment where the comedians try to make the guests laugh with their witty jokes and skits.


If you are looking for some entertainment and laughter, you can watch Athu Ithu Yethu comedy videos 35 online on YouTube. This episode aired on September 25, 2016 and featured actors Sathish, Robo Shankar and Ramesh Thilak as the guests. The Siricha Pochi team performed a hilarious spoof of the movie Maathi Yosi, which had the guests and the audience in splits.

You can watch Athu Ithu Yethu comedy videos 35 online by clicking on the links below:

Enjoy watching Athu Ithu Yethu comedy videos 35 online and have a great time!

More About Athu Ithu Yethu

Athu Ithu Yethu is one of the longest-running comedy shows on Vijay TV. It started in 2009 and has completed two seasons with over 400 episodes. The show has featured many famous celebrities from the Tamil film and television industry as guests, such as Kamal Haasan, Sivakarthikeyan, Dhanush, Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara, Samantha, Trisha, and many more. The show is known for its witty and humorous host, Ma Ka Pa Anand, who interacts with the guests and the comedians in a friendly and lively manner. He also adds his own jokes and comments to make the show more entertaining.

The show also has a loyal fan base who love to watch the show every week and share their feedback on social media. If you are a fan of Athu Ithu Yethu or if you want to watch some funny and light-hearted comedy videos, you can check out Athu Ithu Yethu comedy videos 35 online and have a good laugh. You can also watch other episodes of Athu Ithu Yethu online on Hotstar or on Vijay TV's official YouTube channel.

The Talented Comedians of Athu Ithu Yethu

Athu Ithu Yethu is not only a comedy show but also a platform for showcasing the talents of the comedians. The show has given a chance to many aspiring and talented comedians to showcase their skills and make a name for themselves in the industry. Some of the famous comedians who have been part of the show are Vadivel Balaji, Ramar, Pugazh, Thangadurai, Palani, Amudhavanan, and many more.

The show also has a segment called Groupla Dupe, where the comedians mimic the mannerisms and dialogues of famous actors and celebrities. This segment is very popular among the viewers as they get to see their favorite stars being imitated in a humorous way.


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