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Free Online Scavenger Hunt Games: How Many Objects Can You Find?

Itching to travel the world again and explore new cultures? I know we are, but Watson Adventures has created multiple hosted scavenger hunts for your group to choose from to explore different historical locations around the world.

It was popularized in the United States back in the 1930s by American gossip columnist Elsa Maxwell. But according to Markus Montola, scavenger hunts evolved from ancient folk games. Thank you to the New Yorker for hunting that information.

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You can incorporate several challenges or puzzles into your scavenger hunt, from fitness tasks to finding objects, searching topics online, or even posting a picture on your social media. We covered some great ideas in our How To Host Your Own Virtual Scavenger Hunt.

Many virtual scavenger hunts get players moving around, interacting with their environments, and competing against (or collaborating with) one another across any distance. These shared adventures create a powerful impression of togetherness that has no spatial awareness. (They also give people a much-needed adventure in the midst of what can seem like never-ending sameness.)

You might not have realized you were beginning a hunt when you started reading this post, but guess what? Your scavenger hunt for the perfect virtual scavenger hunt starts now. Launch your quest with the virtual scavenger hunt ideas below. They all make wonderful team building activities, birthday parties, and more.

These games and apps make your scavenger hunts even more fun by making them as easy as possible for you. Their platforms and features ensure an engaging hunt that goes smoothly and enjoyably for absolutely anyone participating.

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Instantly download the instructions you need to play 6 printable-ready games, including a virtual scavenger hunt of course. Keep the instructions for repeat plays and even spread the fun by sharing with your friends or new hires.

Through a mobile app and/or browser, individuals and teams can participate in a virtual scavenger hunt app that has them snapping photos, taking videos, answering questions, scanning QR codes, providing feedback and more from the luxury of their own home.

Participants are shown items invented by a person of a specific heritage and given a time limit to find those items. The person with the most collected (and correct) items by the end of the time limit, reigns as the scavenger hunt champion.

TerraClues is a scavenger hunt platform that works with Google Maps to bring a thrilling dose of realism to your scavenger hunt adventure. They have hunts ready for you to join right now. You simply need to crack the clues and then pinpoint, right in Google Maps, the mystery location.

Treat yourself to a remote scavenger hunt that comes complete with a Zoom event host to handle all the details. Your adventure will last for almost two hours, ensuring you have plenty of time to make lots of memories.

Simply send all your players a list of selfies to take. Make up your own or download a free indoor version, featuring challenges to take pics with breakfast foods or wearing your favorite outfits, or an outdoor version that challenges players to snap selfies with trees or cars.

This online platform makes it easy for you to create scavenger hunts and push clues out to mobile phones. You can even pick one of their pre-designed hunts and launch an adventure on your mobile phone immediately.

To win this scavenger hunt game, players must properly answer trivia questions before they get the next clue that tells them what to find. Consider this DIY idea a fun way to make things just a little more challenging.

Simply download a free printable checklist from Doing Good Together and you have everything you need to send yourself and your fellow adventurers into the great outdoors to find flowers, fallen branches, and so many other delightful natural treasures.

Come up with a list of bright or uncommon colors. Your players have to find scavenger hunt items around their homes (or in their yards) to match every color. Make this game more challenging by insisting on an exact match.

A scavenger hunt game is a game where multiple team members race against a time limit to solve puzzles and riddles or find items required to win. There may be a prize for the winners or just the pride of knowing your team worked together to complete the challenges before time ran out.

A virtual scavenger hunt game is a remote online game where players on a team compete to solve challenges, puzzles, or locate items before the allotted time runs out. Virtual scavenger hunt games can be played by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Sometimes the best way to bond with your team members is by giving back to the place everyone calls home. Random Acts of Kindness provides a scavenger hunt opportunity to do precisely that. Have each team member do a random act of kindness on their scavenger hunt.

The experts behind Sessions Lab create outdoor scavenger hunts for kids and adults. The creator of your event will list everything participants should find through Google and submit the links for each item found. After 10 to 20 minutes, each team can present what they discovered with your preferred videoconferencing software and vote for their favorites.

Remote team members can also receive a list of outdoor scavenger hunt challenges, like catching a bird on video while they soar through the air. Related challenges could include filming a squirrel sitting on a branch, hunting for worms, or sitting on a roof.

Everyone sees different shapes when they look at clouds, which makes them one of the best scavenger hunt ideas for remote teams. Participants can submit three to six photos of clouds and draw over them to point out what they see.

The sounds that help you relax or make you happy may differ wildly from what your team members prefer. Many scavenger hunt games online involve researching various links, but few ask participants to submit recordings of their favorite sounds.

Team members can snap photos of the first flower they see when they step outside. It might be one growing beside their sidewalk or a weed in their backyard. Either way, your scavenger hunt will create a beautiful virtual bouquet.

Spend an hour finding scavenger hunt clues at famous locations on your preferred videoconferencing platform. Participants will uncover objects and gain points by answering tough questions about them. Every effort leads to improved teamwork skills, plus a better understanding of the world.

People who sign up for a remote scavenger hunt by The Big Smoke Events get personalized experiences that are entirely online. Anyone looking for funny scavenger hunt ideas for adults will love the comedy clips between virtual events and the humorous timed challenges that have everyone participating in shenanigans.

While browsing scavenger hunt games online, consider planning a game that feels like an adventurous quest. Your team could try the Race for the Lost Tomb, which features clues across the virtual globe. Solving puzzles and discovering clues as competing teams will lead to one winner who finds the Lost City of Atlantis.

Communication is key to finishing the TerraClues online scavenger hunt. Participants use Google Maps to follow clues to a hidden location. Creative minds can even develop a search from scratch and make personalized challenges to develop specific team skills.

This scavenger hunt challenge will make everyone laugh, just like classic games with humorous twists that are just about having fun. Everyone will make memories and new friendships that make your team stronger.

Your team members may love going on an adventure by starting a Great Race scavenger hunt. Travel-themed questions, challenges, and clues will push everyone to learn more about the world and bond by helping each other reach the finish line.

This quickly becomes a winner for anyone researching funny scavenger hunt ideas for adults. Family pets could wear adorable outfits and make people laugh or break the ice for new teams and help everyone get to know each other.

People looking for Christmas scavenger hunt games or other holiday-themed ideas can challenge everyone to submit their favorite recipe. They could type up the instructions or name the food in a submission form.

Scavenger hunt games for adults sometimes involve wearing a silly costume or part of one. Set a 30-second timer and get everyone to find something they could wear if Halloween is in the next few weeks.

Christmas scavenger hunt games can also include a step where everyone submits a picture of a winter bouquet. They may have a flower arrangement on their table or find a beautiful bouquet of winter flowers online.

If you want to do this for Halloween, use this Halloween group text scavenger hunt list. If you want to do this for Christmas, use this Christmas scavenger hunt list! Really any scavenger hunt list should work, just stay away from anything called treasure hunt as those are often more clue based!

Seasonal scavenger hunts are one of the best Christmas Zoom games. These activities are ways to get the group up and moving and energize a Zoom gathering. There are several ways to structure a Zoom holiday scavenger hunt. For example, you can do a lightning scavenger hunt, where participants race around the house or office to grab items the host names off one by one. You can also display the list on the screen and give players three five minutes to grab as many objects as possible.

Scavenger hunt apps are mobile software applications that facilitate treasure hunts or adventure games. These games are playable on smartphones and tablets, and often require players to move between different locations. The purpose of these apps is to encourage users to interact with other players and their environments for a more engaging experience.

These tools are a way to facilitate digital scavenger hunts, office scavenger hunts and treasure hunts, and are a type of team building app. The apps are ideal for virtual team retreats or remote family reunions.


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