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Ryan Ross
Ryan Ross

50 Cent Candy Sjop Mp3

Couple things...firstly I gota agree with username and rebecca at the top. Secondly, I gotta point out how many chicks are against fifty cent because of his views of women. As for "ramone", yes I'm sure that his songs are about beastiality! I also have 3 ears and live in an Afghani bomb shelter! Oh and did you know? Another brick in the wall is about a guy who had sex with a wall! My cousin's aunts mom/dog told me! I am sick of you people. Before you open your mouths, think about what you are gonna say. Actually, just don't talk at all. If I wanted to hear an asshole, I'd fart. You would be suprised at how many people agree with me. Fifty cent, and most rap in general is complete bullshit. I don't think "Fitty" deserves an interpretation section. Come to think of it, I've wasted enough time writing this...

50 Cent Candy Sjop Mp3

Haha, somebody started interpreting system of a down in a 50 cent interpretation...Talk about gay infatuation. This guy might interpret candy shop a little bit differently, in that the chocolate doesn't represent black women but...Well you get the idea

Well this song is about a guy with a tiny penis that wants sex but can't get cause he likes in the but and takes it in the butt with frozzen candy and then makes whores eat it and thinks it sexy but they kick his balls off and so he seeks revenge on van wilder who kicks his ass and then godzill eats and spits him out the into the ocean were he fucks a fish and stays there until he drowns

This song is actually really good. What you guys don't know is that every single lyric in this song is a metaphor. 50 cent is trying to express his concern on America's view on sex. This is very clear. Or maybe not.... I can't believe I heard my sister signing this. She is 9 years old. This commercial rap is destroying this country. All 50 cent and his rappers do in this song is rap about sex, porn, and how he is amazing in bed. 50 cent and every other materialistic rapper you will see on MTV nowadays are promoting the negative stereotype of the black community. He got shot 9 times. Is that something to be proud of? He claims to have killed 2 people. You own 50. He is "gangsta". This is commercial rap at its worst. No one on Earth should listen to these rappers. You can't get any more commercial than 50 cent. Don't let these idiots fool you there is some decent rap music out there ( Jurassic 5, The Roots, Nas). There are rappers out there who do have a brain, and refrain from repeating every single lyric of being gangsta, ho's and money. No one should ever buy 50 cents music. The only people i'd expect to buy his music are under 12 year olds and retards. Seriously this guy should just go walk in front of a moving train.

After the fee, the state takes out another 15 percent of her money for court fees and a mandatory savings account, which Eddie will receive upon his release in 2021, minus the interest, which goes to the Department of Corrections.

For the families of nearly 40 percent of those prisoners, JPay is the only way to send money to a loved one. Others can choose between JPay and a handful of smaller companies, most of them created by phone and commissary vendors to compete with the industry leader. Western Union also serves some prisons. 041b061a72


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