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Resident Evil 3 Iso Ps1 Rom

Upon its release on the PlayStation console, Resident Evil 3 received "universal acclaim", according to Metacritic.[31] GameSpot editor James Mielke considered it the most sophisticated and accomplished Resident Evil game in terms of graphics and gameplay.[37] Official UK PlayStation Magazine called Resident Evil 3 "a modern-day classic", concluding that the game "creates a believable environment, populates it with a host of evil adversaries and uses Raccoon City's urban sprawl to enhance the fiendish puzzles."[40] Computer and Video Games (CVG) remarked that the game preserves the best features of its predecessors and adds "some exciting new elements".[33] Similarly, Edge described it as "engrossing", despite its similarity to its predecessors, and found the Mercenaries mode a valuable addition.[34]

Resident Evil 3 Iso Ps1 Rom



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