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Dragon Island: A Relaxing ADV with Six Different Dragons

Henry Heimlich, an ordinary lifeguard, suddenly received a letter of employment from Dragon Island. Together with six other dragons, he got on a cruise ship to the island. But until they boarded the island, they had no idea what they were about to face...In the game, use different maps to move freely throughout the island, hanging out with everyone and chat with them.Don't forget to check your phone, it will be updated as you explore the island!Every evening, everyone will gather together for some intense and exciting activities, such as debating, do remember to attend!During free exploration, you will also encounter some unexpected small tasks. Completing them will help you earn more friendships from the dragons!

dragon island game


Heey, first of all Im loving this game so far!! Its so good made, and all the characters are so likable! You made a very good game, thanks for that, just a lil bug (I think it is) I dont know if you knew about this, but (at least for me, im using a Mac) when you go to the memo app, the third part of it, where are different images, if you click in one of them, you can't close them until you load another save:

I talked to the Devs on twitter about it and said the following: "Due to usage of unique UI and mechanics, adapting to Android is a whole new line of work. It's currently not on the schedule due to we are focusing on making the game itself."

I was shocked to see the size of the game file despite being labeled as a 'Demo' but when I played it... The quality of the work showed... And the sprites are ??? simply one of the best ones I've seen

I have a feeling the exclusive top will be either the art or medic student or the game master is even more of a sadist than he shows and there is no "TRUE TOP" as he says while making the islanders look for someone who doesn't exist.

We really need an Android version of Dragon Island. Tbh, it's really unfair that Lunch with Ronan and Hero of Minotaurs have been released with Android versions of the game. But whatever reason you have that is preventing you from doing so, I respect that. I think Dragon Island is a cool game.

Get ready to show off your speed and race towards the finish line in the Dragon Island Race game! AJ and Blaze are about to race Crusher on Dragon Island. However, your two friends need your help to win against the opponent. Are you confident you can secure the first place prize?

Back in 2011 there was a game created by NTT Resonant called Dragon Island Blue(short "DIB"). This company would later create more "Monster Capturing Games" such as Hunter Island or Neo Monsters with some success. However every game from them except NM didnt recieve any updates anymore and you couldnt play the games anymore as soon as your IOS Version was too high for it.

DIB is to this day one, if not my favorite Mobile Game (that being said I dont play too many mobile games) to this day. A few people like me are still able to play this game though. I set up and old Iphone with an old IOS Version so I can play it. I know that there are some people out there who still have interest in this game. What I like the most about DIB are these very good looking monster designs that also have a medieval touch(which their future game never really had again this good) and I dont want them to be forgotten.

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I created a Subreddit called r/DragonIslandBlue and I would be happy if you woudl join us.We can share some thoughts their, give tipps or if anyone is skilled enough talk about how to make this game avaible to a larger audience again in some way.

In Dragon Island - Board Game, you and up to three other players take on the role of wizards cast away onto a seemingly deserted island. Players compete throughout their journey to gain as much treasure as possible, building up the island tile by double-sided tile. Discover exotic terrains, build special structures, manage your magical energy, and tame dragons!

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Next, move your wizard. They must end on a different tile than they started and if there are dragons on it, you may either tame or capture a dragon. Taming a dragon gives you an ongoing special ability, depending on which dragon you tame. Capturing a dragon gives you fame.

Finally, draw a new tile and the next player begins their turn. The game ends when all tiles have been placed onto the table; everyone counts up their fame and any gold they have on their pet dragons. The most fame wins.

After my initial underwhelming play, the game grew on me a little. I got past its initial clunkiness and I liked some of the combo-riffic plays you can set up with your tiles and wizard movement. Captured dragons give their owners ongoing bonuses such as paying one less Active Energy for a building or gaining an additional Fame when completing a Treasure Map card.

Fans of Takenoko may like what Dragon Island has to offer since the games share a similar DNA: lay tiles, move figures, and attempt to match tiles to a secret objective for points. In fact, you might call Dragon Island a next-step Takenoko. Personally, I prefer Takenoko due to its smoother game play and superior artwork and components.

To fasten everything up, you just can change the date on your device so the game thinks a day already passed, which is actually not true but you are able to fight instantly. (Be Warned! If you go too much into the "future" the device won't let you change the date any further into the "future" so be awared that you possibly can't do the Tournament anymore)

What I did was watch the wheel for a couple turns. As soon as the monster I wanted passed out of sight I tapped the screen. This usually ended with me getting the monster I wanted. This is the method I used to get the hatchlings at the end of the game, without using IAP Gold. HalfSlothHalfCamel (talk) 21:25, September 17, 2012 (UTC)

Simurgh did not quite cut it. While the artwork is absolutely beautiful, and many of the elements of the game are unique, the game is dragged down by language barriers in the ruleset that make it more of a chore than a good game. Plus, the game suffers a bit because it just seems a bit short for the payoff, in other words, the investment in time that is given does not match up to the output.

Despite those flaws, I still love playing Simurgh and I am always looking to get it back to the table. But it is a tough sell. Is there a game out there that can scratch my dragon itch yet appeal to other gamers?

Dragon Island is a 2-4 player tile laying and economic management game that plays in about an hour. Players play wizards striving to explore a magical island that is chock full of dragons. Be the most efficient wizard in building magical buildings, conquering the dragons, or training them, and at the end of the game, you will be declared top wizard.

Game play is fairly straightforward. There are some mandatory actions that you must take each round, like laying a new tile down and picking a random one out of a nice soft bag. And, there are some optional actions like building buildings that give you extra magical powers or taking the actions of a tile itself, or even, when you and your wizard friends are ready, taming or capturing dragons themselves.

The game components are very well done. These are giant tiles here that depict the different landscapes of the island, some almost as big as the palm of my hand. The dragons themselves are painted wood meeples, and the cards are good cardstock. The box itself is sturdy and has awesome artwork featuring dragons.

One quibble? The primary color of the tile borders really take away from the utilitarian artwork found on the different tiles. I am not sure what I would have done differently, except perhaps shrink up the edging and use more muted colors. Visually, however, the wood and the tiles and the cards really do stand out on the table. People will take notice of you playing this game.

This is just a beignet post, in other words, just a friendly hello to this title and not a deep dive review, because I have had only two plays, and both were at two player. I want to get more plays in, especially at higher player counts, before I really formulate my opinion about this game and before I give any advice to players interesting in playing or purchasing Dragon Island.

Luckily, I played it again right after that first unsatisfactory play, and the second time was much better. I started to understand the nuances and strategies that abound in playing the different tiles, or moving dragons around (a seemingly useless skill at first glance, which is rather important.) I just wish that the game had a little more baking, because the raw dough interferes with a finished product that is in fact quite tasty.

Second, I really enjoyed my second play. Mike Fitzgerald has added some flavor to this game, and even to this type of game (an otherwise typical Euro type efficiency game). Moving the dragons around, simultaneously building up the various magical powers that come from the different colored tiles, and setting up combos and more powered actions, are all interesting mechanics that feel unique. While clunky and unintuitive at first, once you get the hang of the progression of actions, you should see a unique twist and different vibe from other standard Euros.

And finally, it goes without saying that the wooden bits are just so darn cute. The dragon meeples look good on the table and are big and chunky. Plus, the artwork on the cards, especially the tamed dragons, is good looking. There is something satisfying about working towards taming all five different dragons.


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