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Mortal Kombat APK 2: A Mix of Action and Card Collection Games

After you are at the required distance press the L trigger to enter the Fatality stance. Then input the fatality code.EffectCodeAshrah's First FatalityDown, Down, Up, Up, Y (close)Ashrah's Second FatalityForward, Down, Forward, Down, Y (sweep)Baraka's First FatalityForward, Up, Down, Y (close)Baraka's Second FatalityForward, Down, Back, Forward, Y (sweep)Bo Rai Cho's First FatalityDown, Up, Forward, Forward, Y (sweep)Bo Rai Cho's Second FatalityUp, Back, Forward, A (sweep)Dairou's First FatalityDown, Up, Back, Back, X (sweep)Dairou's Second FatalityDown, Down, Back, A (close)Darrius's First FatalityUp, Down, Back, Forward, A (sweep)Darrius's Second FatalityDown, Forward, Forward, Up, X (close)Ermac's First FatalityDown, Back, Back, Down, A (sweep)Ermac's Second FatalityBack, Down, Back, Down, B (sweep)Havik's First FatalityDown, Forward, Forward, Up, B (close)Havik's Second FatalityForward, Forward, Forward, Back, Y (sweep)Hotaru's First FatalityForward, Up, Back, Down, X (sweep)Hotaru's Second FatalityDown, Forward, Back, Forward, Y (close)Jade's First FatalityBack, Forward, Up, Forward, X (sweep)Jade's Second FatalityBack, Forward, Forward, Forward, Y (close)Kabal's First FatalityForward, Up, Up, Up, A (close)Kabal's Second FatalityUp, Up, Down, Down, Y (close)Kenshi's First FatalityForward, Forward, Back, Back, Y (sweep)Kenshi's Second FatalityUp, Forward, Back, Forward, Y (sweep)Kira's First FatalityBack, Forward, Forward, Back, B (far)Kira's Second FatalityUp, Forward, Down, Back, A (sweep)Kobra's First FatalityDown, Back, Forward, Down, B (close)Kobra's Second FatalityForward, Back, Forward, Forward, Y (close)Li Mei's First FtalityForward, Forward, Forward, Forward, X (sweep)Li Mei's Second FatalityUp, Back, Forward, Forward, B (sweep)Liu Kang's First FatalityBack, Back, Back, Forward, Y (sweep)Liu Kang's Second FatalityForward, Forward, Up, Up, A (sweep)Mileena's First FatalityForward, Forward, Down, Down, X (sweep)Mileena's Second FatalityUp, Up, Forward, Forward, A (far)Nightwolf's First FatalityBack, Forward, Back, Forward, X (far)Nightwolf's Second FatalityDown, Forward, Down, Up, Y (sweep)Noob Saibot & Smoke's First FatalityBack, Forward, Back, Forward, B (must be noob) (sweep)Noob Saibot & Smoke's Second FatalityUp, Down, Down, Forward, Y (must be smoke) (sweep)Raiden's First FatalityBack, Down, Forward, Down, X (sweep)Raiden's Second FatalityUp, Down, Forward, Forward, X (far)Scorpion's First FatalityForward, Down, Forward, Forward, X (sweep)Scorpion's Second FatalityForward, Back, Forward, Back, X (close)Shujinko's First FatalityUp, Down, Down, Forward, A (close)Shujinko's Second FatalityBack, Up, Forward, Forward, X (close)Sindel's First FatalityBack, Forward, Forward, Back, X (sweep)Sindel's Second FatalityUp, Up, Back, Forward, A (sweep)Sub-Zero's First FatalityForward, Back,. Down, Forward, Y (close)Sub-Zero's Second FatalityBack, Down, Forward, Down, X (sweep)Tanya's First FatalityForward, Down, Down, Down, X (close)Tanya's Second FatalityUp, Back, Forward, Up, A (close)Contributed By: flumpiest 32 52Hari Kiris XBOXAfter an opponent has beaten you and the anouncer yells "Finish Him!" it is time to input a Hari Kiri. Hari Kiris require no set distance unlike fatalities. To perform one simply put in the code while your character is dazed after losing a battle.EffectCodeAshrah's Hari KiriUp, Down, Up, Up, YBaraka's Hari KiriDown, Back, Up, Back, BBo Rai Cho's Hari KiriBack, Back, Forward, Forward, YDairou's Hari KiriBack, Back, Back, Down, XDarrius's Hari KiriBack, Forward, Forward, YErmac's Hari KiriDown, Up, Up, Down, AHavik's Hari KiriForward, Up, Up, Up, YHotaru's Hari KiriUp, Back, Back, Back, YJade's Hari KiriForward, Forward, Forward, Back, YKabal's Hari KiriForward, Up, Up, Down, YKenshi's Hari KiriDown, Back, Back, Forward, BKira's Hari KiriForward, Back, Up, Back, AKobra's Hari KiriUp, Up, Back, Back, YLi Mei's Hari KiriUp, Down, Up, Down, ALiu Kang's Hari KiriDown, Down, Down, Up, AMileena's Hari KiriBack, Down, Forward, Back, XNightwolf's Hari KiriUp, Up, Up, Up, ANoob Saibot & Smoke's Hari KiriDown, Up, Up, Down, BRaiden's Hari KiriForward, Up, Up, Back, XScorpion's Hari KiriDown, Down, Up, Back, XShujinko's Hari KiriDown, Back, Down, Back, ASindel's Hari KiriForward, Up, Up, Down, BSub-Zero's Hari KiriDown, Up, Down, Up, YTanya's Hari KiriDown, Down, Forward, Up, AContributed By: flumpiest 16 12Random SelectAt the character select screen with your cursor in the default position, hold up and press start.Contributed By: darkazngamer 39 11Stage SelectPress R1 before you select your character. Note: Does not work in Arcade modeContributed By: dominator912 24 19GlitchesEasy Onyx/Platinum KoinsSet the difficulty level of Puzzle Kombat to "Novice" and set the difficulty of regular kombat (CPU Difficulty) to "Max". Play Puzzle kombat, the difficulty will be low, but the rewards will be for the higher difficulty.Contributed By: charyon 13 13Extra koins after missions XBOXYou can only do this after you complete a mission and go back to the person to get your reward. If this person runs away, follow him. When he stops he will start to throw his aarm down to dissapear. Right before he does this run into him. He will stop and not dissapear. Talk to him again and he will say the exact same thing as before. He will also give you the same number of koins.Contributed By: xxjdragonxx 4 4Headless Liu KangPick Liu Kang as your fighter and face Shujinko. Perform Fatality 2 on Shujinko. When the Fatality is finished, there will be no head at all.

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