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How to Enjoy Aman Ke Farishtey in Full HD 720p - Tips and Tricks

Aman Ke Farishtey Hindi Movie Full Hd 720p

Are you looking for a Hindi movie that has everything you need: action, drama, comedy, romance, patriotism, and a legendary star? If yes, then you should watch Aman Ke Farishtey, a 2016 film that features Dev Anand in his last appearance on screen. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Aman Ke Farishtey, from its cast and crew, to its plot summary, to its significance as a tribute to Dev Anand. We will also show you how you can watch Aman Ke Farishtey online or download it in full HD 720p quality.

Aman Ke Farishtey Hindi Movie Full Hd 720p


What is Aman Ke Farishtey?

Aman Ke Farishtey is a Hindi action film that was released in 2016. It was directed by Kader Kashmiri and produced by Gold Coin Entertainment. The film stars Dev Anand as Paramveer, a police officer who enlists the help of a dancer (Roopa Ganguly) and a jailed comrade (Javed Jaffrey) to stop an evil mastermind (Kiran Kumar) from destroying India. The film also features Sonia Albizuri as a doctor, Kader Khan as a colonel, Anup Jalota as a singer, Hema Malini as Geeta, Ranjeet as a villain, Bob Christo as a henchman, and many other actors.

Who are the cast and crew?

The cast and crew of Aman Ke Farishtey are as b70169992d


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