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Idle Slayer: How to Craft, Upgrade, and Ascend Your Way to Victory

Idle Slayer: A Fun and Addictive Incremental Game

If you are looking for a game that is easy to play but hard to master, that can keep you entertained for hours without getting bored, and that can satisfy your craving for progress and rewards, then you might want to check out Idle Slayer. Idle Slayer is an incremental game with idle and active playstyle mechanics, medieval pixel art visuals and retro 8-bit sounds and music. In this article, we will review what Idle Slayer is, how to play it, and why you should play it.

idle slayer

What is Idle Slayer?

Idle Slayer is a game developed by Pablo Leban, an indie game developer from Argentina. It was released on Steam in December 2020, and it has received very positive reviews from players. It is also available on Android and iOS devices.

Idle Slayer is a game where you play as a monster slayer who tries to keep his people safe from the darkness. You start from nothing, jumping to get a few coins and upgrading your gear. As you progress, you unlock new features, mechanics, and content that make the game more interesting and challenging.

The basic gameplay

The core gameplay of Idle Slayer is very simple: you jump to kill monsters and collect coins. You can also use your sword to slash enemies or your bow to shoot arrows. You can jump higher by holding the jump button, or double jump by tapping it twice. You can also dash forward by pressing the dash button.

The coins you collect can be used to upgrade your gear, such as your helmet, armor, gloves, boots, sword, bow, quiver, etc. Each upgrade increases your stats, such as your damage, defense, speed, jump height, etc. Upgrading your gear also changes your appearance, making you look cooler and more powerful.

The features and content

Idle Slayer has a lot of features and content that make the game more fun and diverse. Some of them are:

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  • +300 in-game achievements that reward you with coins, slayer points, or other bonuses.

  • An ascension system with a big skill tree that lets you customize your playstyle and abilities.

  • 6 zones/maps with different enemies, backgrounds, music, and challenges.

  • A quest system that gives you tasks to complete for extra rewards.

  • An offline progress system that lets you earn coins and slayer points even when you are not playing.

  • A random event system that adds some surprises and variety to the game.

  • A procedural map system that generates a different layout every time you play.

  • A decision system that lets you choose between different options that can affect your gameplay positively or negatively.

The pros and cons

Like any game, Idle Slayer has its pros and cons. Here are some of them:


Easy to learn but hard to master.Can be repetitive or grindy at times.

Addictive and rewarding gameplay.Can be frustrating or unfair at times.

A lot of content and features to explore.Can be overwhelming or confusing at times.

Cute and nostalgic pixel art style.Can be too simple or bland for some people.

Funny and catchy 8-bit sounds and music.Can be annoying or repetitive for some people.

Free to play with no ads or microtransactions. No in-game support or updates.

How to play Idle Slayer?

Idle Slayer is a game that can be played in two modes: active and idle. You can switch between them at any time by tapping the mode button on the top right corner of the screen. The mode you choose will affect how you play and progress in the game.

The active and idle modes

In the active mode, you control your slayer directly by jumping, slashing, and shooting. You can also use your skills, such as fireball, lightning, or heal, by tapping the skill buttons on the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also interact with the environment, such as chests, portals, or signs, by tapping them. The active mode is more engaging and challenging, but it also requires more attention and skill.

In the idle mode, you let your slayer run and fight automatically. You can still use your skills, but you don't have to control your slayer or interact with anything. You can also speed up the game by tapping the speed button on the top left corner of the screen. The idle mode is more relaxing and convenient, but it also gives you less control and feedback.

The upgrades and skills

As you play Idle Slayer, you will earn coins and slayer points that you can use to upgrade your gear and skills. You can access the upgrade menu by tapping the upgrade button on the bottom left corner of the screen. There are two types of upgrades: permanent and temporary.

Permanent upgrades are those that affect your stats and abilities permanently. They include your gear upgrades, such as your helmet, armor, gloves, boots, sword, bow, quiver, etc., and your skill upgrades, such as your fireball, lightning, heal, etc. Permanent upgrades cost coins to buy and slayer points to unlock.

Temporary upgrades are those that affect your stats and abilities temporarily. They include your buffs, such as your damage boost, defense boost, speed boost, etc., and your debuffs, such as your damage reduction, defense reduction, speed reduction, etc. Temporary upgrades cost slayer points to buy and last for a limited time.

The quests and achievements

Idle Slayer also has a quest system and an achievement system that give you extra goals and rewards. You can access the quest menu by tapping the quest button on the top left corner of the screen. There are two types of quests: daily and weekly.

Daily quests are those that reset every day and give you small rewards for completing them. They include tasks such as killing a certain number of enemies, collecting a certain amount of coins, using a certain skill a certain number of times, etc. Daily quests cost nothing to accept and reward you with coins and slayer points.

Weekly quests are those that reset every week and give you big rewards for completing them. They include tasks such as killing a certain type of enemy a certain number of times, collecting a certain type of coin a certain amount of times, using a certain skill a certain number of times in a row, etc. Weekly quests cost slayer points to accept and reward you with coins, slayer points, or other bonuses.

Achievements are those that track your progress and milestones in the game. They include goals such as reaching a certain level, upgrading a certain gear or skill to a certain level, unlocking a certain zone or feature, etc. Achievements cost nothing to complete and reward you with coins, slayer points, or other bonuses.

The zones and enemies

Idle Slayer has 6 zones/maps that you can explore and fight in. Each zone has a different theme, background, music, and enemies. You can access the zone menu by tapping the zone button on the bottom right corner of the screen. The zones are:

  • The Forest: The first zone where you start your adventure. It has green trees, grassy hills, and peaceful animals. The enemies include rabbits, squirrels, birds, bees, etc.

  • The Desert: The second zone where you face harsher conditions. It has yellow sand dunes , rocky mountains, and scorching sun. The enemies include snakes, scorpions, vultures, cacti, etc.

  • The Snow: The third zone where you encounter cold and slippery terrain. It has white snowflakes, icy cliffs, and frozen lakes. The enemies include penguins, polar bears, snowmen, ice spikes, etc.

  • The Volcano: The fourth zone where you face fiery and explosive hazards. It has red lava flows, black rocks, and erupting volcanoes. The enemies include bats, spiders, fireballs, bombs, etc.

  • The Castle: The fifth zone where you infiltrate the enemy's stronghold. It has gray stone walls, wooden bridges, and metal gates. The enemies include knights, archers, wizards, traps, etc.

  • The Void: The sixth and final zone where you confront the ultimate evil. It has dark purple clouds, floating islands, and mysterious portals. The enemies include shadows, demons, dragons, bosses, etc.

Why play Idle Slayer?

Idle Slayer is a game that can appeal to different types of players and preferences. Whether you like to play actively or idly, whether you like to progress fast or slow, whether you like to explore new content or replay old content, wheth


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