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مجموعة علوم الحاسب و الذكاء الاصطناعي

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Mike Knieling
Mike Knieling

Hp Envy 5644 Software Download Mac

i. First, Visit and enter your printer model and stick on to the on-screen instructions to download and launch the software. ii. Then, place the printed side of the document or photo on the scanner glass and close the scanner lid. iii. Next, press the Scan button. Then, choose your computer name and scan job type. iv. Now, search the Mac for scan and choose HP Easy Scan from the results. v. Next, choose your printer name from the drop down menu of the scanner. vi. Then, choose scan job type from the presets menu and then click Scan. vii. Now, choose Send in the bottom right corner and click folder. viii. After making the desired changes click Save.

Hp Envy 5644 Software Download Mac




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